Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Missing England Already

So, the Little Guy and I are off to Chicago today after a month in England. The weather has been great (except for the last three or four days - cold and rainy) and we've packed a lot in. The LG has been hanging with his second cousin, who is 4 months younger; because of the big gap between him and his siblings, his three first cousins are also a lot older than him, so it's been brilliant to have a family member to hang with. They got on so well that we extended our stay a few days and did some "boy stuff" with them - like Ripley's "Believe it or Not" at Picadilly Circus in London. (Note to self - Next time you do the London Underground with a child, dress him/her in neon green. The amount of times I thought I'd lost him....).

I have to say I'd rather stay here. Even after 25 years in the USA, I feel like I "fit" better in the UK. It's weird really because I'm watching TV not having a clue who all the "celebrities" are, I'm marveling at things in supermarkets (like the range of Branston pickles now on offer) that aren't really new, and I can barely work the pound coin deposit shenanigans that one has to go through to get a trolley (cart) at said supermarket. But still, this is home.

Like many expats, I'm not miserable in my host country. I don't go around complaining about things and comparing everything to the UK; I appreciate that there's good and not so good on both sides of the Pond. Don't worry about me. I'll be more than fine.

I just miss England already.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Back in Blighty

Been a while, but I decided to take a bloggy break and enjoy my family time back in Blighty. Almost time to go back to Chicago (wah). Not that I don't want to go back to my husband and son (who went back last week) but it's been so nice here.

The weather (even in the north east) has been amazing. I only brought one pair of capris and one skirt so have been sweltering in longer trousers most of the time. Yes, I could have gone out and bought stuff, but when you know you have more than enough in your closet/wardrobe it seems a bit silly to buy something just for the sake of it. Had I seen anything I really liked, well, that would have been a different story. Truth be told, I haven't even had time for shopping.

Spent four days in Barcelona a few weeks ago, which was pretty amazing. That Gaudi architecture might look like something from the Grinch movie, but once you learn about the technical details, it's unbelievable. And - the basilica/cathedral won't be finished till 2026. I don't think even Gaudi expected it to take this long. I will never complain about workmen in my house again!

Our hotel was round the corner from La Pedrera, an apartment building. Wouldn't mind living here although it's full of tourists.

And of course, the Segrada Familia cathedral. Tip - buy your ticket online. The queues are ridiculous.

I'm now in London for another few days with the little guy, before heading back over the Pond. The only thing that's wearing a little thin is living out of a suitcase. One has to be extremely organized to avoid losing stuff, wearing smelly clothes and keeping the guest room not looking like a bomb site!

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