Thursday, February 26, 2015

Old Friends and Facebook

I'm a Facebook fan. When I say "fan" I mean I love being on Facebook but I'm not always happy with  the things they do. Like snooping around your stuff, changing the page layout every other week and banning photos of breast-feeding women while allowing pretty much any other image of the naked female body.

Being far away from old friends and family, Facebook has been a great way for me to keep up with what everyone's doing. Occasionally I find friends with whom I thought I had long since lost contact. It's fantastic.

Last week several old (high) school friends were chatting on one person's page and someone said "Why don't we start a page for our year?", so we did. There are only about twenty of us on it at the moment (out of a possible 60 or 70), but my god it's funny. We went to a convent girls' school so there are the obvious memories of weird nuns and even weirder teachers, plus a few confessions of not-quite-appropriate behavior that we wouldn't have fessed up to at the time.

Let me share a few tales without naming names -

The time one small group decided to have a rice-eating competition in the dining hall, and one girl won by eating FIVE bowls of rice pudding. How on earth she managed to sit through afternoon lessons I don't know.

And the poor (late) geography teacher who, looking back, was probably already showing signs of dementia. We played terrible tricks on her - like sharpening pencils into her giant bouffant, and she never noticed. Or changing the light above the desk to a blue disco light - and again, she never noticed. Or changing seats just to confuse her - which didn't seem to register at all.

And then there were the nuns - the Headmistress who walked the halls with her knitting tucked somewhere in her habit. And the one who decided that a girl called Jacqueline should have been given a saint's name so addressed her as Theresa thenceforth. And the teeny Latin teacher/nun who called us "foolish virgins" when she was cross.

I haven't laughed so much for ages. You should try looking up your old school friends when you get a second.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Exciting New Blog

Well, I must be honest - it's mine. Yes, I've gone and started another blog where I can shout and rant without putting people off here! This is not the place for it but I feel that I need an outlet to deal with the idiocy and rudeness I seem to encounter on a daily basis. (And I'm not talking about the kids!)

You know me - I have an opinion on a lot of things and I'd love to hear what you have to say too.

Furthermore, (employs Lady Grantham voice and bearing) it will be a place of civilized discourse; no rudeness or uncouth behavior. Indeed, that is the first topic of discussion.

Do pop over. It's called "In My Humble Opinion." What else?

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